Huon Le

Chapter 13 Trustee
Southern District of Georgia

Tax Return Submission Option

The Chapter 13 Trustee - Huon Le is providing a secure portal for debtor attorneys to upload tax return documents in PDF format to the Trustee's office. This secure portal is Tax returns should be submitted no later than seven (7) days before the date first set for the first meeting of creditors.

Click here for directions to access

Please ensure to comply with Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure 9037 by redacting social security numbers(s) and taxpayer-identification numbers(s), date of individual's birth, minor's name(s), and financial-account number(s).

To Request Tax Transcripts

Federal Tax Transcripts: Click here or call (800) 908-9946
Georgia Tax Transcripts: Click here or call (877) 423-6711 option #2